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VICTA provides care in an outpatient clinic setting. A wide range of services are organized within a comprehensive therapeutic environment that include medication assisted treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Mental Health Treatment and Primary Care services. These services are designed and implemented to support the recovery, health and wellbeing of the persons or family served, to enhance the quality of life of the persons served, to reduce symptoms or needs and build resilience, to restore and/or improve functioning, and to support the integration of the persons into the community.


Knowledge is power, and with accurate information about addiction and mental health, a person will be more likely to make a fact based and informed decision. Addiction and mental health has a powerful effect on the health of individuals, families and their communities. Recovery from addiction and mental health encompasses a restoration of physical, mental and spiritual health of the individual and its support system.

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When you are ready to overcome addiction and mental health, it is time to meet with your treatment team to begin the process of recovery. VICTA has trained professionals who have made their goal to help individuals affected by these illnesses with confidence, care and expertise. They are educated, experienced and talented human beings that are ready to guide individuals and their families on the recovery path one step at the time.

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